Sophia Williams


Sophia Williams, Mentoring for Young Learners Programme

Sophia has been involved in the Mentoring for Young learners programme.


Being in a job where she managed a team of young individuals – this seemed like a great opportunity to develop skills that would benefit her relationship with the team.

“In just a matter of weeks I have been on an emotional journey”

She particularly enjoyed the initial meet up between herself and her mentee. Her mentee showed great gratitude to taking part and discovered so much about her and life in just one session. She also enjoyed discovering skills that could be applied to both work and personal life situations Sophia’s self awareness when communicating in all situations has developed, enabling her to communicate more effectively and be more observant when it really matters.

“The future of mentoring looks bright to me”

She has always had a positive view on volunteering – especially in the current economic climate.  Sophia feels it has had a hugely positive effect on her career she believes it’s part of the reason why her chosen profession is what it is.

“The mentoring for young learners programme has been amazing - and the course tutors in particular are a true inspiration and great source of support.”

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