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 Figuring Out can offer a complete package of support to make sure you’re in the best possible position to secure the job you want.

This is of particular importance if you are looking to start a completely new career, as it will demand an approach that is different from your current career. step-4---career-preparationweb.jpg

One of our career coaches can help you:

  • Develop your personal brand that focuses on your true qualities and skills

  • Give you advice on how to write your CV in a way that suits your new goals

  • Brush up on your interviewing techniques and learn new interviewing skills


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For further guidance, check out our articles below 

Develop New Skills by Volunteering and Gain a Qualification

Career Preparation

Donating some of your time to volunteering can be great for so many reasons. 

It’s a great way… 
  • To try out a new career and gain a track record 
  • Get involved in something your passionate about
  • Develop new skills and gain a qualification
  • Boost your CV 
If you focus your time on developing your skills in specific areas, access some relevant training, you can also secure a qualification from the Institute of Leadership and Management Qualification

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The Hidden Job Market

Career Preparation

“Whether we face a recession or prosperity, whether times are hard or easy, the major difference between successful and unsuccessful job-hunters is not some external factor out there (such as a tight job market), but the way we choose to go about our job hunt.” (taken from What Color is your Parachute)

And that means finding those hidden jobs…

What is the Hidden Job Market?

It is estimated that only 20% of all jobs are ever advertised, meaning 80% of jobs are filled by companies who never advertised the position. Instead these positions are filled by referral, the “who do you know” method of recruitment. So while keeping an eye on newspaper advertisements and internet job search sites is important, the percentages are in your favor if you investigate the hidden job market.

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Gap Year – A way to find your authentic vocation?

Career Preparation

A recent report revealed that people facing redundancy are turning to travel - creating a generation of “grown-up gappers”.

The research showed that three-quarters of those hit by job losses are planning to use the time to take a version of the traditional student gap year. 

This could be a great way for people to find their  “authentic vocation” along the way.

An exercise I do with my career-coaching clients is called “Peak Experience“.  I ask them to identify special, peak moments when life was especially rewarding or poignant.

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Collecting Career Ideas

Career Preparation

One way of starting to explore different job and career ideas is - Starting an Ideas Collection.

It is a way to gather together all the thoughts you have about career into one place. To begin with all these ideas might seem like a jumbled mess yet there will be common themes and threads .

To start, I want you to begin to capture all your career ideas in one place. One possibility is a coloured folder which you just use to pop everything in. You may prefer a ring binder or a box, a drawer, or you may prefer to make a collage of your ideas.

What goes into the Ideas Collection? Anything from fully formed ideas (I think I might like to be a wildlife photographer), to a concept (I'd like to help people) or an environment (I'd like to work in the public sector), a skill you'd like to use (mending things), a dream (I've always wanted to design race cars)..... It can be a single word or a job advert clipped from a magazine. It could be a photograph of someone enjoying an activity. 

The important thing is that every idea is stored in one place. You're aiming to pack it full of possibilities which we'll work through at a later stage.

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Recipe For A Great CV

Career Preparation

As a career coach and career preparation expert working on the Future Jobs Fund Programme aimed at getting young people aged 18 to 24 back into work, I have the opportunity to review many CVs. For many of these young people it is their first foray into the world of work, so I wanted to address the top eight CV shortfalls. In this article you'll learn how to make your CV stand out and shine.

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