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Whether you’re a school-leaver, recent graduate or experienced professional, making the right career choices can be a complicated and daunting prospect. 

That’s where Figuring Out comes in.

Through our UK-based network of highly trained career coaches, we provide career coaching to help you work out what to do next

“Career Coaching has helped me look at things in a fresh way, giving me new insights into what I want out of my new career and how I’m going to get there.  Equally importantly, it has provided a practical framework for me to investigate options, assess them and make the necessary step.” (Simon, 30, London)

In a confidential environment, we can help you to:

  • Assess where you are in your life

  • Look at what types of job would suit you 

  • Help you to clarify your life and career goals

  • Look at the challenges you face in your career and job hunt

  • Help you to understand the impact of your career decisions and choices

  • Help you to plan a way forward with a bespoke career development plan

  • Identify any psychological barriers that may be preventing you from advancing your career

If you are interested.... 

  • Contact us on 0203 303 0468 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • An initial introductory conversation is organised with one of our coaches to discuss your goals! and if you are happy, we can then commence the programme. 

  • The coaching programme comprises of a package of one-hour coaching sessions, face-to-face or by phone, which can be taken in a timescale suited to you.

  • The programme can be paid in full or via a monthly payment plan. To discuss your needs and prices of the programme please contact one of our team.  We can currently access funding to cover the costs of career coaching for unemployed professionals and executives and long term unemployed young people aged 18-24.

At an additional cost we can also:-


Try out some of our Career Coaching Exercises below.... 

Career Goal Setting the Alternative Way

Career Coaching

Make this academic year the start of your career change 

Its that time of year again. The summer is over and its back to school, the start of a new term. Teachers and students all over the UK are setting goals for the new academic year. So its a good time to set your career goals for the next year too.

Perhaps you have heard of the concept of “SMART” goals. There are many versions of the acronym out there. Often the “A” stands for “achievable” and the “R” for” realistic” or “reasonable”. But where is the stretch in achievable and where’s the buzz in realistic. We want goals that are compelling, exciting and maybe even scary.

Let’s explore the acronym SMART the alternative way in relation to career. The first two components may sound familiar. The last 3 are the refreshing alternatives that we use in co-active coaching.

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Sell Yourself Well

Career Coaching

To sell yourself well, it's important to know what you have achieved.

We recommend that you reflect on your achievements regularly and communicate them clearly,  to create confidence amongst your team, your employer, and your clients.

It's important to give yourself that confidence boost.  You put significant effort into your career, so it's important to feel proud of yourself. 

So let's reflect on what your achievements might be ( you might need to adapt these questions depending on the type of job you do):-

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Career change or career transition?

Career Coaching

When you do something different with your career – it is a big change! This is true whether the change is planned or unexpected, and whether it is positive or negative.

We anticipate what will change as a result of us being in a different role, company, team, industry sector, self-employment or unemployment. We will work with different people, take on different responsibilities, work different hours and use new services and products.

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How to stay motivated and focussed

Career Coaching

Oh yes, you’re sure to have realised the significant amount of work to be done to secure the career you want. It’s not an easy marketplace at the moment, and why creating a plan of action with realistic goals is essential to making it happen. To create an effective action plan, you need to embed a few important practices within your approach to achieve real success.

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Career Coaching gets a boost in organisations

Career Coaching

Nine out of 10 organisations are now using coaching to help boost staff performance, despite a cut in budgets for training according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development ’s annual survey Taking the Temperature of Coaching, which found a sharp increase in the use of coaching as a training tool. Previous surveys found that only seven in 10 firms were using coaching.

Commenting on whether employers were turning to coaching as an alternative to class room based training, the CIPD’S John McGurk says:

“There are lots of good reasons to question the value of classroom-based training because there is the issue that its high profile and expensive in difficult economic times. Coaching can be costly, but once you have got coaching resources in place, it is relatively cheap to keep it going”.


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