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Whether you’re a school-leaver, recent graduate or experienced professional, making the right career choices can be a complicated and daunting prospect. 

That’s where Figuring Out comes in.

Through our UK-based network of highly trained career coaches, we provide career coaching to help you work out what to do next

“Career Coaching has helped me look at things in a fresh way, giving me new insights into what I want out of my new career and how I’m going to get there.  Equally importantly, it has provided a practical framework for me to investigate options, assess them and make the necessary step.” (Simon, 30, London)

In a confidential environment, we can help you to:

  • Assess where you are in your life

  • Look at what types of job would suit you 

  • Help you to clarify your life and career goals

  • Look at the challenges you face in your career and job hunt

  • Help you to understand the impact of your career decisions and choices

  • Help you to plan a way forward with a bespoke career development plan

  • Identify any psychological barriers that may be preventing you from advancing your career

If you are interested.... 

  • Contact us on 0203 303 0468 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • An initial introductory conversation is organised with one of our coaches to discuss your goals! and if you are happy, we can then commence the programme. 

  • The coaching programme comprises of a package of one-hour coaching sessions, face-to-face or by phone, which can be taken in a timescale suited to you.

  • The programme can be paid in full or via a monthly payment plan. To discuss your needs and prices of the programme please contact one of our team.  We can currently access funding to cover the costs of career coaching for unemployed professionals and executives and long term unemployed young people aged 18-24.

At an additional cost we can also:-


Try out some of our Career Coaching Exercises below.... 

Bridging the Gap Between Qualifications and Employment

Career Coaching

Striding Out’s ‘Follow My Leader’ project has presented an exciting opportunity for young people to find, develop and show off their skills and qualities through shadowing industry leaders. They are tasked with researching a chosen industry, identifying industry leaders and mentors and collating film footage and information for an innovative careers website, to help other young people explore career choices and find jobs.

Career Coaching

An essential part of the Follow My Leader project is about providing coaching to the young people involved.  Young unemployed people can access coaching that has often been primarily available to the corporate world and to those that can afford it.

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Choosing Your Ideal Career

Career Coaching

Many people believe that they need to make a firm decision about their career and stick to it.

But was that career choice the right decision in the first place?

So, which career is right for you?

  • Go with what you enjoy and have a passion for.
  • Think about what you like doing.
  • Write down what makes you happy.
  • Then, follow your ambition and go for it!
The best type of career is one where you get paid to do what you want to do! 

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Confidence Building and Self Esteem

Career Coaching

Did you know two out of three people have low self esteem?  It may not show on the outside, but can affect the way they live their lives, their relationships, their work and success.

How do you know when someone has a high level of confidence and self esteem?

Here are some signs:

  • Positive attitude

  • Value themselves highly

  • Confident in their own ability and beliefs

  • In control of their lives

  • They have a feeling of empowerment

  • An energy that enables them to think of ideas and do what they want

  • A basic feeling of ‘I’m ok’ – to be deserving, attractive enough to appeal to others.

  • At ease in being themselves.

Being confident can help us to reach our full potential.

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Personality Tests

Career Coaching

Increasing companies are using personality profiling as a tool to help them recruit and build high achieving teams plus develop their leaders of the future. 

For your personal use, these tools can also help you to clarify your own career selection and transition. We’ll  look at three of the most well known of these tests: Myers Briggs, Belbin and Thomas International.

One word of caution, these tests will only give you an indication of your preferred way of working.  Your own self-knowledge trumps personality tests any time!

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Meet The Team

Career Coaching

Have you ever worked on a winning team?
If you have you’ll know the living spirit that imbues and influences every team member – a spirit that can inspire a whole team to extra ordinary levels of performance.
Have you ever worked in a team with sinking morale?
If you have you’ll know the way that the atmosphere can demoralise even the most motivated individuals.
A team exists as a living system, not simply a collection of individual parts. That’s why its so important when you’re in the process of changing career or finding a new job to do your due diligence on the team you’ll soon be part of.

So make sure you:

Do your homework :- gather information about the team. You can glean a lot from the company website if they have individual team profiles. Or ask your recruitment consultant or the person who is recruiting for the role.

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