Andre Hackett

andre_cropped.jpg Andre Hackett, London Mobile Studios

Winner of the World Skills Competition, run by Striding Out.



Andre Hackett of London Mobile Studios entered the 2010 World Skills Competition with the hope of winning.  He also believed that it would be a great chance to gain constructive feedback and see if others could see the potential in his ideas.  

His company provide the whole of London the opportunity to record music through professional mobile studios. Modern technology has made it possible to fit a fully operational recording studio into the confines of a small suitcase.

Andre found the application process extremely simple. The fact that it was so short, forced Andre to express his ideas in the most succinct manner, which he thought was also quite helpful in itself.
“The coaching that we received at the boot camp was quite insightful and I feel like I will be better at what I do as a result of it.  I learnt that there were quite a few gaps in my knowledge that need to be addressed such as marketing and branding.
As the overall winner I have no complaints. My team and I really worked hard on our business plan which was worth 50% of the marks, so even if we had not won I would be quite happy with the fact it forced us to really finish off our business plan.

Now we really hope to take advantage of the coaching available, and the title that we have won. We have our eye on a few other awards but most importantly we will be spending a great deal of time growing the business”.

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