Striding Out Business Support

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Once you’ve launched the business, that’s when the fun begins! The fully fledged entrepreneur needs to understand and manage all different aspects of the business and Striding Out helps entrepreneurs and their teams get to grips with all of these elements from start up to growth.

Our Service

Striding Out helps an entrepreneur to adjust to the multiple management processes and disciplines required of them. We support them to build the business model and the team. The programme provides individuals with:

  • Executive Business Coaching
  • Training in a range of business skills
  • Skill Specific Mentoring
  • Introductions to Relevant Contacts and Services
  • HR & Recruitment Support

Our Professional Business Coaching team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in different industry sectors alongside their coaching skills, which adds specific value to the experience we can give a client. We can blend coaching, with mentoring and training to meet the different needs of our client groups.

Our Clients

We work with entrepreneurs from a range of backgrounds, industry sectors and stages of growth, who need help to manage the growth of their business. Our clients pay directly for our services but we also deliver support through public sector funded contracts, namely the Leadership and Management Grant.

Track Record 

Between December 2009 and November 2010 we have delivered one-to-one coaching and training support to 130 entrepreneurs with a commercial or social enterprise focus. We have supported them to develop their performance and skills in the areas of marketing, leadership, team skills, business performance, sales, finance, PR, amongst others. We have run 20 networking events throughout the year that have attracted entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey.

We have engaged and supported 129 small businesses to recruit new staff through the Future Jobs Fund scheme. The scheme provided the employer with a grant to cover the costs of a minimum wage salary for a period of 6 months, to help them grow their capacity.

As a result of our support, our clients feel they have:-  

  • Increased their business confidence
  • Increased their business revenue
  • Refined and diversified their offering
  • Increased and maximised their client base
  • Developed their team’s potential
  • Improved their business management skills



Jen Marsden, Journalist and Copywriter

“Striding Out has been great as it has focused me on firm goals and helped me plan strategies in order to achieve them. Their online tools are fab as they have helped me gain validity to my work, raised my confidence and supported me through what are quite common experiences in business - the challenge of cabin fever when working from home and the means to achieve a better work/life balance through managing my time and prioritising what needs to be done with the constant deadlines. I've attended workshops that have inspired me to think about things I wouldn't normally consider like my personal legal rights.”

Chris Hough, founder of Natural Ranks

“Striding Out gave me something that I needed, time for reflection. Its clichéd but so true; sometimes you work in the business, not on it. Taking several Striding Out workshops and one-to-one meetings I was able to start to tease the businesses away from my person, letting it exist without me and freeing me to improve it without always having to worry about deadlines and new projects. Striding Out also challenged me to push myself in new areas, public speaking being just one of them. I did several talks in 2009, something that I've never done before and found, to my surprise, I quite enjoyed it. Thanks Striding Out!”

Lynda Robinson, Rowheath Pavillion

"It would have been very difficult to operate the café for as many hours as we do without the Future Jobs Fund employees. They have proved invaluable. Their presence has meant that the café turnover has been able to increase.  The administrative role has also meant that, as the team leader, I have been able to hand over many of the day to day duties which has left me free to concentrate on other areas of the job.  Having extra help in the office has also meant that the office is fully staffed and this in itself has had led to more definite bookings." 


Chris White, founder of GingerWhite.

“Recruiting through the Future Jobs Fund was a good opportunity for the business to bring a new person on board in order to see whether we could expand the business. I hired a young person to become an Art Handler and Assistant, which would help save costs of paying suppliers.  I'm pleased with the FJF and the good support from Striding Out team.  My recruit is learning new skills, adding value to the business and freeing up some of my time to focus on growing the business”.