Coaches Toolbox

If you are engaged in coaching and mentoring others please find a range of tools and techniques below that might be of use to you:-




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The Mentoring Toolbox helps individuals become an effective and confident mentor and coach to others. Mentoring is a relationship between people that helps to produce extraordinary results. Through the process of mentoring, people deepen their learning, improve their performance and enhance their quality of life. 

The Mentoring Toolbox provides practical guidance and coaching tools, to help a mentor establish a good working relationship with their mentee from start to finish. We believe coaching is a powerful tool for inspiring, supporting and empowering other. 

The Toolbox covers the topics of: 
    What is Mentoring, Developing the Mentoring Relationship, Working with Specific Mentee Groups, Mentoring Skills, Monitoring Progress, and Support for a Mentor. Plus, it provides a range of practical tools that can be used practically with mentees.