Step into Business


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Many young people dream about starting their own business but often don’t know where to start, so we help them to take that step. We provide inspiration, connections, training and coaching to build their confidence and capabilities to launch and succeed in self-employment.

Our Service

Step into Business provides clients with knowledge and skills to explore starting their own business. We help them to formulate their idea, lay the foundations of their business model, develop their business plan and build a support network around them, through the following services:-

  • Business training workshops
  • Business coaching
  • Business networking events
  • Inspirational role models
  • E-coaching support with weekly bulletin
  • Business mentoring

Our professional support programme prepares young people in the realities of starting their own business, and equips them with the support and skills if they decide to take the next step.

Our Clients

We work with young people who are interested in entrepreneurship, exploring a business idea and planning their own business. We work with young people who are within secondary, higher or tertiary education, or who are unemployed or young professionals. We have secured funding from public sector and higher education organisations to deliver Step into Business provision as well as having privately paying clients.

Track Record 

Between December 2009 and November 2010 we delivered 200 one-to-one business coaching sessions to 60 young people who were planning or already running their own business and we delivered 40 business skill workshops and networking events to over 600 young people in Liverpool and London.  A number of our workshops were funded by educational and youth support organisations, including the British Council, University of Kent, University of Liverpool, London School of Economics, University of East London, the International Danish Entrepreneurship Academy, NCGE Flying Start and Liverpool Community College amongst others.

Of the clients who received one-to-one support during the year, 20 were in the early stages of already running their business and 17 of them launched their new business venture. The remainder were developing their idea.

As a result of our support, our clients feel they have:-  

  • Improved their business idea
  • A greater understanding of how to run a business
  • Increased confidence to actually start a business
  • A better understanding of how to complete a business plan
  • Developed new business skills and knowledge
  • A greater sense of what makes a business successful
  • Established new contacts and business relationships

Client Testimonials 

Beth Leggett, Plus V Plus

“I have had great support and advice from Striding Out where I have been given excellent coaching sessions on to develop my marketing strategy and grow my business successfully.”

Marissa-Catherine Carrarini, founder of Snowsfields Wellness

Striding Out has been a goldmine. My coach was so thorough when she helped me with my business plan and I felt she genuinely cared - which made me feel more confident and positive. Without her help - I wonder whether I would have got funding from the bank. Since then, the Striding Out talks & events, and Future 100 award have all helped with my confidence, courage and know-how in making Snowsfields Wellness what it is today and what it will become. We have also recruited a talented employee through the Future Jobs Fund.

Yaw Owusu, founder of One Hundred Global

“Striding Out has been helpful by providing me with a business coach who has offered me guidance and support when setting up this new organisation. Further I have also enrolled in the Business Growth programme which has helped refine my business plan and understanding on how and where my business will grow! I would encourage any entrepreneur to engage with Striding Out if they can.”

Nathan Williams

“Before receiving coaching from Striding Out, I saw starting up a business as a big risk. Now, I realise that you use business planning, strategy and financial forecasting to break down the 'risk' to a level which is personally acceptable, and upon which you can act with confidence. I now feel more confident and inspired to start my business”