Follow My Leader

Career Preparation

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Follow My Leader gives young people the chance to shadow inspirational leaders in their chosen sector to find out what their dream job would entail on a daily basis. The programme aims to give young people a REAL insight into the world of work and what dedication it takes to get to the top of the game.  During the experience they will learn and network with leaders in their chosen sector to gain inspiration, knowledge and insight.

Our Service

Follow My Leader gives a young person the opportunity to follow an inspirational role model in their industry of interest. Alongside the work experience, we can also provide the following support to clients:-

  • Induction session
  • Career coaching
  • Business coaching
  • Business mentor

The range of services accessed by the client depends on the level of funding available. The Follow My Leader experience can be accredited with an ILM Level 2 Qualification in Exploring Business Enterprise.

Our Clients

Follow My Leader is aimed at young people aged 16 to 25 both in and out of education who wish to gain valuable work experience in an industry of their choice. Typically this programme is funded via educational establishments or public sector organisations to help inspire young people to progress their career.

Track Record

Between December 2009 and November 2010, we have given 90 young people the opportunity to meet and follow inspirational leaders through arranged interviews and work placements.

As a result of our support, our clients feel they have:-  

  • Increased confidence and clarity on their career ambitions
  • New business skills to put into practice and on their CV
  • A personal action plan to achieve their ambitions
  • A mentor to provide continued support post placement.
  • A network of influential contacts for securing further work


Ufuk Gokkaya

“My placement has given me a great opportunity to meet new people and gain new skills whilst working within a professional working environment. This experience isn't like other placements schemes as it entitles me to work closely with the senior directors. I am positive that this experience will boost my CV and prove a great stepping stone to more interesting opportunities, I've already found an opportunity with a theatre company who works with MSFT and have shown interest in hiring me after the placement.”

Aidan Norris

“The Follow My Leader programme has given me a lot of experience interviewing and shadowing people in the film industry such as Lippy People, Prison TV Trust, Princes Trust, Onroad Media, London Young Voices and Emily James, and Just Do and many more. I have shadowed two film producers and they are helping me develop the skills I need to make my own projects. Thanks to the Follow My Leader Programme for giving me the opportunity to build my confidence and experience and to further my education and knowledge about my career in the film industry.”

Matthew Bradley

“I was given the opportunity to meet and interview a range of leaders in the sports profession, including a Radio Sports Broadcaster, a Former Professional Footballer and numerous sports coaches. I’ve learnt lots of new skills, and both my networking and interviewing techniques have improved – I’ve found it extremely motivating. I have learnt so much about business and I am confident for the future with new skills.”