Monitor Change


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It’s essential to record your hard work and efforts, and monitor your socio-economic change to measure your results.

We can help you set up a customised monitoring system using the world’s leading virtual client management system, Salesforce. The Salesforce system can be tailored to meet the information and monitoring requirements of your organisation – client details, client support records, outputs and outcomes etc. It can be designed to capture all the information you need.

All data entered by team members can be extracted in an excel report format at the touch of the button to give you up to the minute information on the impact of your organisation. This can be very time efficient when you need current statistics for presenting to the board, funders, the team or other stakeholders.

The client management system is based on cloud computing with a very low carbon impact and can be accessed virtually by staff or stakeholders. As your customised system is built on an existing framework it can be set up quickly and cost effectively.  Salesforce offers non-profits free or highly discounted user licenses. It is currently being used by many of the leading charities and social enterprises in the UK.

This is our approach for setting up a customised monitoring system for your organisation:-

1. Initial Discussion – We will give you a tour of the salesforce monitoring system and we can explore how the system can be adapted to meet the needs of your organisation to determine if it suits your requirments.

2. Mapping of Data Collection – We will work with you to map the information you want to capture on the system so we can start the design process for customisation. Once all data fields are confirmed the customisation work will be completed.

3. Customisation – We will customise the client management system to meet your specification, present you with the results and make any final amendments inline with the specification.

4. Training – We will create a user handbook and provide a training session on how to use the system to 1 or more members of the team.

5. Ongoing Support – We can provide you with one off support or a retainer to be on-hand during working hours to undertake any further customisation, updates or support on how to use the system.

If you would like a free consultation then please contact [email protected]