The Breakout Media Academy

matthewMatthew Barrett, The Breakout Media Academy

Matthew is the Director of Breakout Media, an organisation dedicated to training young offenders in digital media. 

The Break Out Media Academy supports the rehabilitation and resettlement of young offenders. We develop young people’s skills in custody or post release and support them into education, training, employment or self- employment.

Break Out Media trains young people to become confident professionals in the digital media industry.

Break Out Media provides young offenders with training in:-

  • Internet marketing techniques and strategies
  • Social media and online content creation
  • E-Business Model Development and Consultancy
  • Starting their own Online Business

We believe that professional industry training, work experience in a real commercial environment, complemented with coaching support provides powerful tools to empower young people to leap ahead and bridge the digital divide.

Matthew started Break Out Media Academy as a spin off social enterprise from Striding Out. He received coaching and training support from Striding Out through our Social Pioneer progrmmes and within 3mths of launching the social enterprise the team has successfully secured £60,000 to launch a pilot programme in London and Birmingham.

'Through my own experience of training and career support in prisions, I am developing this project with the ambition of delivering highly effective online marketing for clients as well as developing a pioneering training and rehabilitation scheme for prisons and ex-offendors that would lead to employment on release. I have first hand experience of how powerful this type of support can be and with the support of Striding Out I am now able to give other young ex-offenders the chance to restart their lives on a positive footing."

If you would like coaching and training support from Striding Out to develop your own social enterprise then please email us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 0203 303 0468