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A place for everything and everything in its place

Many entrepreneurs I work with are a little chaotic. It’s a good thing – the energy drives their businesses forward and inspires them to look for new opportunities for growth and development.

More than one however becomes glassy eyed when admin is mentioned. Keeping receipts, updating the books, processing forms – well it’s just not the fun part of what being in business is about.

All well and good until the time comes to do your books – at which point most lament their previous approach and normally on the back of a fine or a big bill from their accountants to sort it out, mend their ways.

If admin and doing the books doesn’t float your boat then you have to find a way that will still get them done – as poor record keeping can harm your business (both financially and in terms of reputation)

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What’s my book-keeping system?
  • How up to date is it?
  • How much money does my business owe today?
  • How much money is my business owed today?

If for any of the questions above the answer begins “um....” then you probably need to take action.

Some solutions are:

  • Get a dedicated programme to manage this (Sage, Quickbooks, Kashflow etc)
  • Set time in your diary each week to update whatever system you use
  • If you really can’t face doing it yourself then find someone who will – either using a professional company or finding someone in your life who has the skills (retired parents/grandparents etc who have the skills are often a very cost effective way of meeting the demands of this task)
  • Work with a Striding Out coach to come up with your own solutions!

Good record keeping is good for both your bank balance and your peace of mind.

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