Business Start Up Checklist

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Use the following checklists to help you prepare for starting your business... 

Preparation Check List

  • Have you done your market research?
  • Have you defined the products and services you are offering?
  • Are you clear on the price to charge for your products and services?
  • Do you have a business brand name that is available to use?
  • Have you clarified your unique selling points?
  • Have you defined your brand values?
  • Have you written your business plan?
  • Do the financials of the business make sense?
  • Are you confident that your business model realistic and sustainable?
  • Do you have the business start up capital that you need?
  • Do you feel over 90% confident in your business model and proposition?

Set Up Check List

  • Secure Brand Name
  • Register Company or Register as Self Employed
  • Design Brand
  • Copy Writing
  • Website Design
  • Insurance
  • Bank Account
  • Contracts Created
  • Team/Supplier/Distributor Recruitment
  • Infrastructure Set up – CRM/Financial Management System
  • Email & Social Media

Market Testing Checklist

  • Secure a few clients through your contacts
  • Test and refine the service/product offering
  • Test and refine the processes and systems
  • Gather feedback on website, process, customer service
  • Generate positive case studies ready for the official ‘launch’

Official Marketing Launch Checklist

  • Journalist Research – List by Local/Industry
  • You Tube Video
  • Press Release Written and Circulated
  • Social Media – Regular Updates
  • Social Media – Research Target Groups and Follow
  • Create Google and Facebook Ads
  • Submit Idea into Trend watching sites e.g. Springwise
  • Host a launch event
  • Get celebrities involved
  • Send newsletter to your contacts (e.g. market research contacts)
  • Launch a Competition / Special Offer /Discount

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Written by Heather Wilkinson, Striding Out Business Coach 

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