Create an Action Plan

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Get focussed by creating a plan of action of what you are going to do each month. This will enable you to clearly see how you are going to achieve your goals.

Work through the questions below so that you can create your monthly action plan. This will help keep your progress on track, which is very important, especially if it effects your cashflow and happiness.

  1. Financial Goals - How much are you going to sell this month to achieve your financial goals? What costs do you need to spend this month to achieve this expected sales level?

  2. Sales Goals - What marketing and sales strategy are you going to implement this month to achieve your sales goals?

  3. Personal Goals - What are you going to tell people about yourself this month? What is important to you and what are you good at?

  4. Career Goals - What are you going to do this month to achieve your career aspirations?

  5. Professional Goals - What skills or knowledge are you going to develop this month?

  6. Company Goals - What is your company going to achieve this month? How are you going to promote your company's achievements?

  7. Social Goals - How are you going to make a difference in society this month?

  8. Creative Goals - How many new ideas are you going to research and implement this month?

  9. Team Goals - How are you going to help your team develop this month?  

  10. Life Goals - What are you going to do in your life outside of work this month?

Create an action plan, to record everything you'd like to do this month, and those ahead of you.  You may find that some of the goals can cross over, so for example, when you promote your company's monthly achievements it could connect with some of your social goals.

By Heather Wilkinson, Striding Out Business Coach