Executive Coaching

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Executive Coaching for Leaders of Social Enterprises


How are you planning for the future of your enterprise in 2011?

How important is your performance to the success of your enterprise?

How much investment do you make in yourself?


How often do you ask yourself questions like this and what do you do with the answers?


Executive Coaching is a key tool used in the Private Sector to increase the effectiveness, motivation, performance and job satisfaction of senior level executives. Striding Out CIC is able to bring this potent service to the Third Sector at an affordable price.


Our coaches will focus on helping you achieve your goals, by giving you the time to stand back, reflect and work 'on' the development of the business as opposed to 'in' the business.  If you are harassed, not able to see the wood for the trees then spending dedicated time will give you a bigger picture and a sense of perspective.




Contact:  [email protected] for details of a special offer for 2011

Coaching for social enterprises by a social enterprise