Exploring New Ideas

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step_2_-_career_coachingsmall.jpgWhether you are currently employed or looking to start your own business, developing and proposing your own ideas is a great way to develop yourself personally and professionally.


By having innovative ideas, you could implement a new project at work, set up your own voluntary organisation or even start your own business.


So, how do you find and develop your innovative idea?


Working through the questions below will help you assess your life and market trends to help you come up with the ultimate idea.



  1. What activities do you enjoy most? What are you passionate about? What ideas could you create around what you love to do?
  2. What are you most confident in? What are your strongest skills? Could you develop an idea around these strengths?
  3. Is there something you need in your life, that doesn't exist? What could you create to satisfy your needs?
  4. What drives you crazy? What problems do you have in your life? Can you create solutions to your problems?
  5. What energises you to get out of bed? What activity could you do which creates this energy every day?
  6. What products and services do you and/or your friends enjoy using? Are there any products and services that you could innovate or reinvent?
  7. What new product or service has impressed you the most and why? Could you be innovative and transform it into something completely different?
  8. What trends have you noticed in society or technology? What do you think is the next ‘big' thing? Could you develop an idea to ride the wave?
  9. Which business brands do you currently admire and why? Could you take the best bits of these brands and turn them into a new idea?
  10. What features don't you like about certain business brands? What would you do differently?

By Quinn Simpson, a Striding Out Coach

Need Help?

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