Developing an entrepreneurial mindset

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Are you born with entrepreneurial drive or is it something that can be developed?  I have heard discussions on this issue on many occasions, it is another element to the nature v nurture debate and something that people just can't seem to agree on.

I have heard descriptions of people with plenty of business knowledge starting out on their own, they have commitment at the outset and want to succeed but ultimately fail.  In many cases the road to success is how an individual develops within themselves as well as the development of their business.

We all know that business knowledge is essential, however, without the right mindset it will be tough going.  No matter how much enthusiasm an entrepreneur shows if they neglect their own development it could mean their downfall.

There are many courses on negotiation and presentation skills which are important skills to have but personal development can be stretched even further.  To develop an entrepreneurial mindset takes a great deal of self-belief which many people don't have.  Belief in their own abilities, willing to take risks, recovering from setbacks, facing challenges and willing to learn from past  mistakes are all essential qualities to adopt.

The road of any successful entrepreneur is never easy and lots of people fall down at the first hurdle.  Where some see this hurdle as a signal to give up, others will see it as something to overcome.  How can the people in this first category rethink their position?  By becoming more aware of how they think in certain situations and being prepared to change their patterns of thought can be extremely powerful.

For example, they may have developed the habit of comparing themselves with others instead of with themselves, they many be concentrating on their past failures instead of their past successes or they may think they are just not the right type of person to achieve.  All these negative thoughts determine how an individual behaves.  Our self-perception is not always a reality and by becoming more aware of our ‘mind-talk' and developing the positives we can all change a way of thinking that does not serves us.

As a business coach with Striding Out, a Community Interest Company launched to inspire and support young entrepreneurs, I am particularly interested in their personal development.

Enid Pinder

Business Coach for Croydon and surrounding area



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