Creating a Virtual Team

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Running a business requires you to have a whole host of skills, whether it's administration, marketing, PR, logistics, finance, legal, HR, event management, IT etc. and it's impossible to do it all on your own. At this point you might say...'but I can't afford to employ someone', but there is an alternative way of looking at

The problem is, often self employed people try to do everything themselves as they can't afford a team - whilst in reality this often works against them as they are trying to do too much, and not concentrating on the aspects that really them make money.


One of the best ways of growing a business can be through creating a virtual team!

What are the benefits:-


  • A virtual team consists of self-employed people who are skilled in the areas that you need,

  • They only have to work on your command so you can manage your costs.

  • Investing in professionals with the right skills and contacts could be financially better for the business in the long term. This can save time and energy. 

  • You don't need to worry about the implications of employing someone directly.

  • You are not relying on just one person to do everything you need.

  • In particular, a virtual PA service is really important for a business image, as they will always answer a phone call if you are busy or not in the office!


So what is the best way is to create a virtual team? Well it goes back to networks really...joining networks gives you easy access to the skills and services you require. Ask people for recommendations and start from there. When exploring who to work with, check out their experience, values and knowledge of your industry. It's important that you get on with them socially as well as having the right business acumen. 

Within the Striding Out network we have a range of skilled professionals who can offer a range of complementary skills to enable them to create a virtual team to suit their needs, whether it's administration or something more particular like finance, legal, PR, event management etc.

Heather Wilkinson, Striding Out


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